About us

About FantaSuites

FantaSuites was established in 2017 with an aim of developing a robust marketplace for people who want to rent their properties and the ones who want to book it. Often people loathe staying in a hotel room because they feel their privacy is being hindered and some just want to enhance their traveling experience by booking a home. Everyone has their different notion of wanting to book a whole house rather than a hotel room, and for all these people we have a perfect solution.

With FantaSuites, you not only get an exclusive stay by renting a whole home but also you can enjoy the amenities a hotel provides. A beach side home, mountain cabin, or a city view apartment, we have it all, choose your destination and book a suite for a charismatic experience. For the people who are willing to rent their property but cannot because they do not have an innovative infrastructure, then FantaSuites has a solution for them as well. We handle everything from design to maintenance, while you just enjoy the extra cash flow.

Get in touch with us if you are interested in renting out your home.