Our Services


Cleaning & Maintenance

With FantaSuites you can be certain your guests will have a well stocked and clean place to stay. We restock all the essentials between guest’s stays and inspect property to ensure no maintenance is needed.

We coordinate professional cleaning between guest’s stays to ensure your place is ready for your next guest or for you. If maintenance is required, in most cases we will be able to assist you with resolving the issue. Any maintenance or related house visits provided by us will be charged separately with your prior approval. Although damages are very rare, accidents do happen occasionally and just like with a traditional tenant, we would cover the cost to repair any damage. As required by the city, we carry insurance to cover any incidents or damage.


Design & Staging

Most homeowners know it is important to keep a home clean, bright and free from clutter while it is on the market for rent. But sometimes, taking the extra step to stage a home can make a difference in how a guest views your home. Professional interior designer will design your entire unit and will purchase any additional items needed to market the unit, no up front expense to the owner. Items may include furniture, art work, curtains, pillow and accessories. Items will be approved and paid through revenue generated. All decisions will pend on owner approval.


Nationwide marketing

At FantaSuites we rent the whole home. Your guests will enjoy the privacy of having the vacation home to themselves and living among the locals.

But it certainly doesn’t have to be a house. Other rentals may include condos, villas, boats, bungalows, cabins, castles, chalets, cottages, estates, mansions and yachts. We will market your rental on over 17+ different websites including:




Premium guest support

First impression matters. Most people who will book a stay in your property will only view the property first time during checking in. So, this experience counts.

If they do not get the right support during checking in, everything else goes in vain. Then no matter how amazing other services are, they will judge everything with a sour mood. FantaSuites helps you set a remarkable first impression, we assist your guests in everything, from checking in to exploring the property. All the guest communications are very well handled by our team on your behalf.


Guest screenings

When you rent your home, you practically invite strangers to stay in it. You do not know who these people are, and you don’t know anything about them. Hence, everyone, including us, fears that things could wrong when pesonally hosting. To avoid such scenarios, we have adopted a robust screening process wherein we validate Government approved IDs, check with other providers for review, and pull our resources to validate the identity. We help you relax while we take care of everything else.

Get in touch with us if you are interested in renting out your home.